silicon rubber sheet,rubber sheet,silicon sheet

silicon rubber sheet,rubber sheet,silicon sheet

Silicon rubber board of “Jiang Liu Brand”

Product features:Excellent softness,elasticity,electricity insulation, air tightness, ozone resistance, weather fastness and, alcohol, animal and plant oil and polar organic substance resistant. Product uses: Fit for environments where a high pressure is to be borne. Widely used for solar energy, glass radiation resistanc; special surface property(no adhesion)and physiological inertia; ordinary acid, alkaline, salt inorganic substancemanufacturingsector ,carpentry ,medicine, chemical and food industry. Can work under either a low or a high temperature(can contain oil medium).Product classification: Common, medium tear resistance, high tear resistance.

The company uses quality raw materials of a world?famous brand for the high tear?resistant silicon rubber board and carries out technical cooperation with specialized companies both at home and abroad. Adopts advanced techniques and special equipment(large drum?type vulcanization unit)in the development of the product, which has a high level of stability, a good evenness and reliability and a long service life. Widely used for vacuum film?coating machines, vacuum laminating machines for boards coated with copper, solar energy laminating machines, electronic dischargers, etc.


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